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Flowlight fire-resistant top sheet

Flowlight light-transmitting roof panels are now also available with a fire-resistant top sheet - fire class B roof (t1).

We spent a considerable amount of time on the development of a fire-retardent and spreading fire-resistant top sheet for our roof panels. In June 2016, we successfully passed all the tests. Our new Anti Fire (AF) daylight panels now have the official B roof (t1) classification.

What is fire class B roof (t1)?

This is a European classification which guarantees that a product is fire-retardant and resistant to spreading external fire. This fire class prevents the development of secondary fire as its fire-resistant properties prevent the roofing from being penetrated and the fire from spreading across the surface. These new fire-resistant panels are ideally suited to building projects where strict safety guidelines have to be observed and fire class B is required or desirable.

Fire class B roof (t1) is a leading standard in the Netherlands, as well as in Belgium, Germany and most Eastern-European countries. In order to obtain this classification, products undergo extensive testing, from a burning brand test to a test with burning brand, wind and radiant heat. 

Flowlight AF-top sheet

The AF top sheet is available for all types of Flowlight products. The fire-resistant top sheet has no detrimental effect on the standard high level of chemical and weather durability, or on the transparency and light-transmitting properties of the panels.


 fire-resistant top sheet  fire-resistant top sheet  fire-resistant top sheet

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Flowlight has been supplying translucent roof panels for application in industrial roofs, sports halls and other buildings where natural light is required for 30 years. 

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