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Flowlight light transmitting PPC panels

The Flowlight® PPC element is an insulating, translucent panel, consisting of a profiled top plate of UV protected polyester with underneath, glued airtight, a flat and multi-walled polycarbonate bottom plate. 

The PPC panel is used as light transmission in roofs of insulated buildings, the exterior of which is finished with profiled sheeting. 

Insulation value  
The PPC Panel is available in four different insulation values:

  • U=2.1 W/m2.K with thickness of 10 mm
  • U=1.8 W/m2.K with thickness of 16 mm
  • U=1.5 W/m2.K with thickness of 25 mm
  • U=1.4 W/m2.K with thickness of 32 mm

Light transmission
The Flowlight® PPC element is standard fitted with a clear top plate and an opal bottom plate, to prevent entry of direct sunlight, which is generally experienced as annoying. Both the profile plate and the bottom plate can be supplied in a transparent version. 

The PPC element is glued airtight and vapour permeable. Permanent condensation is practically excluded, therefore.

Bearing capacity  
Due to the high strength of the top plate, safety is guaranteed for decades. 

The top plate of the PPC element fits perfectly with the additional plates. An excellent fit. 

Visual aspect   
PPC skylights are designed so that there are no distracting elements within vision. The purlins can be placed at any distance (max 2m distance). 

Thermal bridges   
On the side where the profile plate is mounted on the PPC element, a spacer is placed in the longitudinal direction in the element. As a result, a possible thermal bridge is prevented here as well. 


Flowlight B.V.

Flowlight has been supplying translucent roof panels for application in industrial roofs, sports halls and other buildings where natural light is required for 30 years. 

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