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Vision Daylight Panels

If you are looking for extra insulation value, this is the model you want. The heart of the system is a transparent honeycomb structure, making the Vision the most energy efficient solution for double-walled thermo lighting elements on the market. 
An important advantage of the Vision line is the uniform and improved distribution of natural light within the building, resulting in less artificial light being needed, thus saving on energy costs

We offer the Vision Daylight Panels in different designs:  

- Standard

The glass fibre reinforced top plate is made with a long-life colourfast film. 


The JES top plate has an acrylate film, which filters out harmful UV rays. This prevents discolouration of the polyester and the daylight is distributed to the workplace with an optimal range of 95%. Read more about our JES top Plate 

- Acrylluz®

Ice blue, the colour of Flowlight ACRYLLUZ® thermo lighting elements, makes a positive contribution to the wellbeing of people and creates a feeling of optimism, reduces stress and promotes alertness. 

Flowlight B.V.

Flowlight has been supplying translucent roof panels for application in industrial roofs, sports halls and other buildings where natural light is required for 30 years. 

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